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Clients who are about to close a real estate transaction

Clients who are about to close a real estate transaction should be careful not to do the following before closing:

1. Change their financial situation:

Avoid making significant changes to your financial situation, such as taking on new debts, opening lines of credit, or changing jobs, as this can negatively affect your ability to obtain financing or a mortgage.

2. Make major purchases:

Avoid making major purchases, such as a new car or expensive furniture, before closing, as this could affect your ability to make payments or your credit score.

3. Neglect communication with the real estate agent:

Maintain open communication with your real estate agent and follow their recommendations. Do not make significant decisions without consulting them, as they can provide valuable guidance during the closing process.

4. Skip the final inspection:

Do not skip the final inspection of the property. It is essential to verify that everything is in order and that the terms of the contract are being met before closing.

5. Fail to review closing documentation:

Make sure to carefully review all closing documents, including the Closing Disclosure and the purchase agreement. If you have questions or concerns, discuss them with your agent or an attorney before signing.

6. Lack sufficient liquidity:

Ensure that you have the necessary funds available in your bank account to cover closing costs and any other expenses related to the transaction.

In summary, before closing a real estate transaction, clients should maintain financial stability, follow their real estate agent’s advice, conduct final inspections, and review documentation carefully. Avoiding significant financial changes and major purchases can help ensure a smooth closing process.

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